above.phones can be purchased preloaded with our application recommendations & security best practices out-of-the-box. Below are the open-source android applications that we ship with above.phone.

App Stores

Browsers + Security

Bromite (F-Droid | Source) Recommended Default Browser. Privacy Chromium Browser with enhanced anti fingerprinting.

Ungoogled Chromium [CalyxOS] (F-Droid Source) Chromium stripped of google services. Backup browser in case Mull is not working.

Vanadium [GrapheneOS] (Source) Privacy & security hardened Chromium browser. Backup browser in case Mull is not working.

WireGuard (F-Droid | Source) Universal WireGuard VPN Client. Can be preconfigured with above-agency's own private VPN.

Mullvad VPN (F-Droid | Source) Great privacy respecting VPN provider. No personal information required to sign up & pay with Crypto if you like.

RiseUp VPN (F-Droid | Source) Free VPN alternative.


Telegram (F-Droid | Source)

Briar (F-Droid | Source) Decentralized peer-to-peer messaging app that can operate without an internet connection via Bluetooth.

Blabber.IM (F-Droid | Source) Secure messaging and calling client for Jabber/XMPP.


Bitwarden (F-Droid | Source) Cloud based password manager. Can be self-hosted for additional security.

KeePassDX (F-Droid | Source) Local password manager.

Aegis Authenticator (F-Droid | Source) 2 Step Verification and Authenticator. Alternative to Google/Microsoft Authenticator and Authy


K-9 Mail (F-Droid | Source) Privacy friendly email client.

Simple Calendar Pro (F-Droid | Source) Offline calendar with CalDAV syncing & reminders.

DAVx (F-Droid | Source) CalDAV/CardDAV utility for syncing contacts and calendars from nearly anywhere.

Jitsi Meet (F-Droid | Source) Full featured Video & Web conferencing. No account required and fully encrypted.

Nextcloud (F-Droid | Source)

Simple Notes (F-Droid | Source)


Magic Earth (Aurora Store) Offline Maps & Navigation.

Organic Maps (F-Droid | Source) Offline Maps & Navigation.


VLC (F-Droid | Source) Media Player.

Simple Voice Recorder (F-Droid | Source)

Librera Reader (F-Droid | Source) PDF / Document / E-book reader

ScrambledExif (F-Droid | Source) Tool to remove identifiable metadata from photos .

Applications to consider

Mull (F-Droid | Source) Privacy oriented browser based on FireFox without proprietary Mozilla software.

Stealth [Reddit] (F-Droid) Account-free, privacy-oriented, and feature-rich Reddit client.

Fritter [Twitter] (F-Droid)

Barinsta [Instagram] (F-Droid)