There may be instances where the Above VPN service is blocked by third party service providers. This can happen when the service becomes aware of the large number of users connecting from one IP address (the address of the VPN).

Being blocked by a third party is out of our control. Once we confirm we are being blocked we will reach out to their support and attempt to clear our VPN from the blocklist.

Users will be unable to connect to the specific service until the VPN is cleared.

In the meantime you have a few options.

  1. You can use an alternative VPN service to connect to the service ( / riseup F-Droid)
  2. You can exclude the app from using Above VPN. This will expose your apps actual IP address to the specific app.

Here's how to exclude an app from being tunneled through Above VPN:

  1. Launch the Wireguard app (with the red dragon icon)

2. Tap the active configuration. Your VPN may be named differently - this is okay! The VPN name will have a toggle switch next to it.

3. Press the pen icon in the top right to edit

4. Look for 'ALL APPLICATIONS' below the DNS servers field and tap it.

5. Scroll through to find the app that is blocked and check its checkbox.

6. Tap exclude 1 app at the very bottom.

Now you should be able to connect to the service. We will send out an update when we resolve the VPN blockage. Make sure to include the app again to the VPN when you receive the notice.