The way we recommend people to call & text is through the internet. We offer an internet based phone number that can call, text, receive voicemails, and has international calling through This service starts at $2.99 a month, and you receive your first month free through Above Privacy Suite.

Before you follow this tutorial, you will need:

  • An XMPP account (If you registered for Above Privacy Suite, you have the account - your username will be '')
  • The Cheogram App (this comes default on the Above Phone, if you don't have it - look at our installing apps article)

Getting a Number

Note that all JMP numbers are either US or Canadian numbers. JMP does not provide 911, 112, 999 or other emergency services over voice or SMS.

  1. Visit
  2. Search and choose a specific JMP number that you like (area code, city, etc.)
  3. Once you have selected a number, click on 'I already have a Jabber ID I want to use for this number'
  4. Enter your Jabber ID (this will send a message to your XMPP account)

Setting Up with Cheogram

  1. You will receive a message from '' in your Cheogram app
  2. Open your Cheogram app
  3. Type 'register'
  4. Choose the currency for your account balance by typing:
    - 1 for Canadian Dollars
    - 2 for US Dollars
  5. If you have Above Privacy Suite, no need to do anything after this point. If you don't, you will need to pay through credit card or Bitcoin. Please follow the prompts from the bot.

Congratulations! You have successfully registered your JMP number. You will receive a notification from

You can text with specific commands to receive specific information regarding their JMP number. You can access the commands by typing 'help'. Make sure that credits are sufficient if you wish to use JMP number for a longer period and to cover international calling rates.

Adding Contacts

In order to add contacts manually:

  1. Click on the 'Message' symbol at the bottom right
  2. You will be directed to 'Available Conversations' in Cheogram
  3. Click on the '+' symbol at the bottom right & click on 'Add Contact'
  4. Enter the mobile number of the person you wish to add under the Jabber ID field
    - Specific format: ''
    - Country code is included in the mobile number
    - Example: ''
  5. This contact maps to the real phone number. When you call/text that contact, you call/text the real number.
  6. You can edit the contact details to change the displayed name

Texting & Calling

  1. Navigate to the 'Available Conversations' menu in Cheogram
  2. Click on a contact
  3. Make sure to choose 'TLS' as the encryption type by clicking on the 'Lock' symbol on the top right (NOTE: This is encryption for your connection to the server - it doesn't protect your phone calls or text messages from cellular service providers)
  4. To text, simply start typing your message; To call, click on the 'Phone' icon on the top right & choose 'Audio call'

Note that all texts & calls through GSM are NOT encrypted.

Receiving Texts & Calls

When you receive a text or call, a notification from Cheogram will appear. Simply Accept/Decline the call or open the Cheogram app to view messages.

Contact Integration

Once you have called someone with your JMP number, you can integrate your native dialer app on the phone to allow calls from your JMP number

  1. Open your native dialer app
  2. Click on the '3 dots' on the top right
  3. Select 'Settings'
  4. Find 'Calling Accounts' in the Settings
  5. Enable your XMPP account to make calls
  6. Go back and set your 'Default Calling Account'
  7. Note that your Default Calling Account may be reset after rebooting the phone, always set it after rebooting your phone. This is a bug and will be fixed eventually.

Enjoy your new system for calling and texting! Let us know how much you appreciate it on our support line or in our community group.