We send your phone's PIN by email before you receive the phone. Check your email for the existing PIN.

You can change your phone's PIN by:

  • Open the device Settings (gear icon at the bottom of the home screen)

  • Scroll Down - tap on Security
  • First, you'll be asked to type your current PIN once more
  • Now you can select a new screen lock for your device
    (we recommend either PIN or Password for enhanced security)
  • Type your new PIN / Password twice to set it - You're done!

Important note: Be extra careful here to be sure you remember your new PIN! If you forget it your phone may have to be reset, which would wipe ALL your data and apps!

If you don't know the PIN your phone was set up with, please check your Emails (also your Spam folder), or reach out to us!

If you forgot your PIN after you have changed it, please reach out to us so we can assess further steps to restore your phone to factory.