Welcome to above.phone

First Steps

Unlock your phone - Check your email for the PIN. Swipe up and input PIN.

Connecting to the Internet - Above.Phone is shipped without a SIM card. To use mobile data & receive phone calls & SMS, you will need to insert an existing or new activated SIM. Alternatively, connect to WiFi.

Phone Navigation

Open the app drawer: Swipe up from the middle of the screen.

View notifications & Quick Settings menu: Swipe down from the top of the screen.

Go back: Swipe from the left of right edge of the screen.

Go to Home screen: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

Find open apps: Swipe up form the bottom, hold, then let go.

Switch between apps: Swipe left to right from the bottom of the screen.

Understanding the Application Landscape

Applications can be installed via F-Droid, Aurora Store, or directly via APK files. Regardless of whether you have a CalyxOS or GrapheneOS phone, we encourage users to move toward open-source alternatives to traditional proprietary apps and services.

Above installation includes default applications primarily from F-Droid.

F-Droid apps are preferred to installing applications from the Aurora Store. Apps on the official repository are vetted by the F-Droid team to ensure they are fully open source & void of proprietary components. Some applications may contain "Anti-Features" that you should be aware of.

Third-Party F-Droid repositories are not managed by the F-Droid team and will have different levels of governance.

How to add new Repository

Sometimes your application needs will not be met with what's available in F-Droid. The Aurora Store allows you to install standard android applications from the Google Play Store, but anonymously. These applications may or may not work depending on their reliance on Google Play Services. Most applications in Aurora Store will work on CalyxOS via MicroG and many will still work on GrapheneOS.

How to install applications with the Aurora Store.

Migrating to your new Phone

Import Contacts

Transferring Files

Backup your Phone

Phone Backup

Advanced Topics

Changing Application Permissions

Automatically Open App from Link

Sandboxing Applications with Islands/Insular