Once you've downloaded apps, you can add the apps and their widgets to the home screen or bottom bar! Here's how:

Adding Apps

  • Open the app drawer (swipe up)
  • Press and hold on the app icon (until you can drag it)
  • Drag to move

Group Applications In A Folder

  • Drag an app Icon over another app to create a group of apps
  • Press on the group to expand
  • Edit name to give the group a label

Remove Apps from the homescreen

  • Press and hold on an app icon
  • Drag towards the top
  • Release over the "Remove" button to remove the shortcut

Adding Widgets To The Home Screen

Some applications offer nifty widgets to display things you want to look at on a frequent basis (such as the Weather) directly on the home screen.

  • Press and hold on the empty space from the home screen
  • Press Widgets
  • Explore the available Widgets
  • Press, Hold, and Drag to the top to remove a Widget