This guide will walk you through setting up your email (above privacy suite) on your PC. The following instructions are written for Evolution Mail on Linux. The steps will be quite similar for other email clients if you are still on Windows/Mac.


IMAP is for Receiving/Incoming mail.
SMTP is for Outgoing/Sending mail.

Email Clients

Linux: Evolution Mail [Install with Flatpak], Mailspring, ThunderBird
Mac/Windows: Mailspring, Thunderbird

Open Evolution

You should be prompted to setup a new account

If not...
File -> New -> Mail Account

Click Next on the Welcome page!


Input your display name in Full Name. This will be displayed when you send emails.
Input your email address.

Click Next

Receiving Email

Set Server Type to IMAP
Set server to with port 993
Encryption method: TLS on a dedicated port

Click Next

Receiving Options

Feel free to change these as you see fit. Default is fine for now, you can change these later.

Click Next

Sending Email

Set Server Type to SMTP with port 587
Set server to with
Change Encryption method to: STARTTLS after connecting

Click Next

Account Summary

No need to change the account name. This is only what is displayed on your PC in the evolution email client.




Mail authentication request

You should be prompted to sign in. Keep "Add this password to your keyring" to automatically login when you open Evolution Mail.

Ensure your username includes
Enter your password

Click OK