For several apps it is possible to open links from specific websites with defined apps by default. This is not only a convenient feature, but also can secure your privacy it some cases. Here we are going to take a look where to manage these settings on your phone.

You can access these settings by navigating through the device settings, as follows:

The path is:
Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Opening links

You can also can access these options for specific apps directly - in this example with the app Jitsi:

By holding down on an app icon, you will get the a menu option popping up called 'App info' with an i as an icon. In there you can define all the settings of this specific application.

If you set these default links up, in effect any time you click on a link of this sort it will open directly through Jitsi - instead of going to a browser (or asking you which app you want to open it with).
As you can see, this app currently features 3 types of links that can set open by default with the Jitsi app.

Let's have a look at two more expamles now..


Being a YouTube client (among other platforms), NewPipe will give you a lot of different links to set up as default. The 'invidious' type links for example are decentralized instances of YouTube. Side note: for more privacy on your desktop or other devices, you might want to consider taking a closer look at these websites. They allow you to access and watch YouTube videos without the inbuilt trackers spying on you.

This is how it looks like once you have setup all the supported links.

Another way to get there through system settings:

Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps
Opening links  > Click an app to modify > Allow app to open supported links

Recommended apps to configure:

  • Maps: Organic Maps / OSMAnd / Magic Earth
  • Meetings: Jitsi
  • App Stores: Aurora Store & F-Droid
  • Youtube, Soundcloud: NewPipe
  • Telegram


To add on to this method of redirecting to friendlier websites, let's take a look at another app, that is designed for just that purpose - UntrackMe .You can find it inside your F-Droid app store.

This app is designed to redirect you to a more privacy-friendly decentralized instance of some of the most popular social media platforms. Basically, the only thing it does is reconvert a link, and then forward you to a browser - like for example:  -->

Once you installed the application, you will still have to open the app settings page by holding down on the app icon until you see the clickable section called 'App Info'.

Scrolling down and then clicking on default apps, you again set up all the links you want to open with UntrackMe by default.

Note: If you want the YouTube links to still open with NewPipe by default, leave out all the links called related to Youtube, as well as 'invidious' and 'yewtube'.