When putting in a physical SIM card into the Above Phone, it should set itself up. For a better chance of this working smoothly, try putting in the SIM card while the phone is turned off.

Note: if you're migrating an existing SIM card from an iPhone, please follow these quick steps: https://kb.above.im/migrating-from-apple-iphone-ios/

Now, if your SIM card is in the Above Phone, but it is not recognized properly, or you have issues receiving / making calls or texts, you may want to try the following:

First, check these settings to ensure mobile data is enabled:

  • Open Settings (black & white gear icon)
  • Tap on Network & Internet
  • Tap on SIMs
  • Tap on your active SIM
  • Ensure that Mobile Data & Roaming are both enabled

If the service is still not working, try this

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll all the way down, tap on System
  • Tap on Reset Options  - ! Be VERY CAREFUL here to select the correct option !
  • Tap 'Reset Mobile Network'
  • Follow the prompts, then Reboot the phone (press and hold the power button)

Try if it works - if it does not work, try resetting one more time - sometimes it seems to take two here.

If you are not seeing any network symbol on the top right - try physically removing and re-inserting the SIM card with the tool.

Setting up cell service & SIM: https://kb.above.im/cell-service-sim/

Above SIM instructions: https://kb.above.im/sim/

To transfer a SIM card: https://kb.above.im/transferring-sim-card/

Migrating from iPhone: https://kb.above.im/migrating-from-apple-iphone-ios/

Using your phone without a SIM card: https://kb.above.im/using-your-phone-without-a-sim-card/