Setup Cell Service & SIMs

Cell Service

  • Keep your number & existing service to connect to the internet
  • Easy as swapping your existing SIM card
  • Works with any service in all Countries

Disclaimer: Voice-mail & Wi-Fi calling may depend on carrier.

Sim Cards Types

  • Our Phones use Nano SIMs which are now standard on all modern phones.
  • You can use any active SIM with the Above Phone

Remove SIM from old phone

Note: If you migrate from an iPhone, please check out the migrating please watch our migrating from iPhone guide first

Find a clean workspace, it can be easy to lose the SIM or SIM tools.

Let’s take out your old phone.

The SIM tray can typically be found on the side of the device but its location may vary

  1. Its a good idea to switch OFF your devices completely at this point.

<pressing power button till phone dies or closeup for power button>

  1. Locate the SIM tray. You’ll see a cutout with a hole in it.


  1. Find the SIM Tool that came with your Above Phone or a bent paperclip to help Eject the SIM tray.

<close up on SIM tool>

  1. Gently but firmly push the Tool into the small hole of the SIM tray - like pushing a button, the SIM tray should be pushed out.

<exact process>

  1. Pull the SIM tray out. You should see the SIM card have a gold face. Remove the SIM card from the tray by pushing it out.You may need to push it out from the side of the SIM tray where there’s a hole.

<popping SIM card out from tray>

<photo of SIM card out of sim tray>

  1. Notice how the SIM tray is oriented and put it back-in smoothly.

<video of inserting SIM tray back in WITHOUT sim>