Above phones usually come pre-loaded with our application recommendations & security best practices out-of-the-box. Below are the open-source android applications that we ship with the above phone. Note that any of those can be uninstalled if desired.

App Stores

  • F-Droid (Source)
    Default app store for free and open source software (FOSS) apps
  • Aurora Store (F-Droid | Source)
    Offers anonymized access to Google Play Store.
  • Neo Store (F-droid | Source )
    Fork of F-Droid, with different UI and more stable.
  • only for GrapheneOS: Apps (Source)
    Supplies Apps that are developed by the GrapheneOS team.
    The optional isolated Google Play Services / Store can be installed from here.

Browsers + Security

Bromite (F-Droid | Source) Recommended Default Browser. Privacy Chromium Browser with enhanced anti fingerprinting.

Vanadium [GrapheneOS] (Source) Privacy & security hardened Chromium browser. Backup browser in case Mull is not working.

WireGuard (F-Droid | Source) Universal WireGuard VPN Client. Can be preconfigured with above-agency's own private VPN.

Mullvad VPN (F-Droid | Source) Great privacy respecting VPN provider. No personal information required to sign up & pay with Crypto if you like.

RiseUp VPN (F-Droid | Source) Free VPN alternative.

Ungoogled Chromium [CalyxOS] (F-Droid | Source) Chromium stripped of google services. Backup browser in case Mull is not working. Uses own repository for F-droid.


QKSMS (F-Droid | Source)
Feature rich messaging app, with import / export functionality and much more

Telegram FOSS (F-Droid | Source)
Client for the Telegram messaging platform.
Several proprietary parts were removed from the original Telegram client, including Google Play Services for the location services, HockeySDK for self-updates and push notifications through Google Cloud Messaging. Location sharing functionality is restored using OpenStreetMap.

Briar (F-Droid | Source)
Decentralized peer-to-peer messaging app that can operate without an internet connection via Bluetooth.

Cheogram (F-Droid | Source)
XMPP client based on Conversations with focus on facilitating virtual phone number integration, like jmp.chat

Snikket (F-Droid | Source)
Secure messaging and calling client for Jabber/XMPP.

Jitsi Meet (F-Droid | Source)
Fully featured Video & Web conferencing. No account required and fully encrypted. Alternative to Zoom, Skype, Google Meet / Teams / Duo, ...


Bitwarden (F-Droid | Source)
Cloud based password manager. Can be self-hosted for additional security.

KeePassDX (F-Droid | Source)
Local password manager.

Aegis Authenticator (F-Droid | Source)
2-step verification and Authenticator. Alternative to Google/Microsoft Authenticator and Authy.


K-9 Mail (F-Droid | Source)
Privacy friendly email client.

Simple Calendar Pro (F-Droid | Source)
Offline calendar with CalDAV syncing & reminders.

DAVx5 (F-Droid | Source)
CalDAV/CardDAV utility for syncing contacts and calendars from nearly anywhere.

Nextcloud (F-Droid | Source)
Decentralized cloud service with many additional features. Can be hosted on private servers.

Simple Notes (F-Droid | Source)
Note taking app.


OSMAnd (F-Droid | Source)
OSM Automated Navigation Directions utilizes access to the free, worldwide, and high-quality OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. It has many many features and it's strength lies specifically for efficient offline navigation, and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing, etc.
Check out our guide for OSMAnd

Organic Maps (F-Droid | Source) Offline Maps & Navigation.
Open-source, community-driven maps for travelers, tourists, cyclists & hikers.
Utilizing data from OpenStreetMap.
In comparison to OSMAnd, this apps is more lightweight.
Check out our guide for Organic Maps

Magic Earth (Aurora Store)
Offline Maps & Navigation.
Check out our guide for Magic Earth

GMaps WV (F-Droid | Source)
This is a restricted WebView wrapper for accessing the web version of Google Maps. Intended for use when OpenStreetMap isn't enough.

Trail Sense (F-Droid | Source)
Trail Sense uses your phone's sensors to help you on wilderness treks. Trail Sense contains many tools that can be used in different scenarios, such as hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, etc.
The app will never connect to the internet, everything works offline.


Simple Voice Recorder (F-Droid | Source)
As the name suggests!

Librera Reader (F-Droid | Source)
PDF / Document / E-book reader

Optional:ScrambledExif (F-Droid | Source)
Tool to remove identifiable metadata from photos .


NewPipe (F-Droid | Source)
Access Youtube, SoundCloud, media.ccc.de, FramaTube/PeerTube, Bandcamp
Includes many features, like ad-blocking, background playback, downloading, etc.

Antennapod (F-Droid | Source)
Easy-to-use, flexible and open-source podcast manager and player. Give access to millions of podcasts and allows to download them for offline playback.

VLC (F-Droid | Source)
Popular media player for many formats.

Innertune (F-Droid | Source)
With this app, you're like getting a free music streaming service. You can listen to music from YouTube Music and build your own library, songs can be downloaded for offline playback and you can create playlists to organize your songs.

Feeder (F-Droid | Source)
Feeder is a fully free/libre feed reader. It supports all common feed formats, including JSONFeed and RSS feeds.

Applications to consider

Mull (F-Droid | Source)
Privacy oriented browser based on FireFox without proprietary Mozilla software.

Stealth [Reddit] (F-Droid)
Account-free, privacy-oriented, and feature-rich Reddit client.

Fritter [Twitter] (F-Droid)

Barinsta [Instagram] (F-Droid)
Privacy friendly Instagram client. Long time since last update.

  • UntrackMe
  • KDE Connect
  • Shelter
  • Orbot
  • Odysee
  • ConverterNOW
  • OpenBoard
  • Syncthing


XMPP address = Jabber ID (JID)

XMPP servers for account registration:


XMPP clients for different platforms

Linux: Dino, Gajim

Windows: Gajim

macOS: beagle.im

iOS: siskin.im, Snikket

Browser: mov.im, https://conversejs.org/

PSTN = Public switched telephone network
General phone / cell service
-> when using a virtual phone number with Cheogram, international phone numbers can be added directly as contacts using PSTN