The devices we offer come with a high degree of privacy and security - yet they also give you the option to install almost any Android app out there, and some of those may not be respectful of your privacy. A lot of apps make use of ads, trackers or data mining.

In order to conserve the best privacy and still make the phone workable for your lifestyle, we invite to think ahead and consider the different strategies you may want to go for.

- Do you want to use your phone as your primary phone?
- Do you want to use it as your work phone?
- Do you want to use your old phone number or create a new one?
- Do you want to bring over a SIM card or use a virtual phone number?
- ...

There may be more questions like that coming to your mind. If you are unsure about any of those, feel free to bring them up during the session to discuss them together.

To better understand the choices we make in terms of using physical sim cards and the cell network in general, we invite you to check out our investigation from TBOT: 'Who can we call on? How Our Phones Are Tracked By Big Tech, Telecom, and Government'


To narrow things further down, please think about the following:
- Non-negotiables - apps you just can't live without (really?)
- Apps you bought from Google Play Store already
- Apps that require signing in
- Apps you may need for your work
- Google Apps, 'Big tech' apps

A lot of those can be used on the above phone, yet the use of some may come with a certain compromise of privacy.

For example, on GrapheneOS and CalyxOS devices it is actually possible to install proprietary Google components which allow you use apps dependent on those (Google Play Services), and even to log in to a Google account (which arguably is a unfavorable decision regarding privacy).

The whole process of detaching from those may require time, patience and research - solutions can be found via app alternatives, separate profiles, multiple devices, ... or just letting go!